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Ride Report: January Metric Century on MLK Day

Like many Americans, I had Monday off from work to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. With fewer responsibilities than usual, I had ample time to revisit some of Dr. King’s work and get in a solid ride. Here’s the first ride report of 2017.


Distance: 62.4 miles (100.4 km)

Speed: 15.8 mph (25.4 kmh)

Moving time: 3 hr 57 min

Average power: 204 watts

Elevation: 772 ft (235 m)


While I only set out to do about thirty miles, my legs felt good so I decided to not squander warm(ish) weather in January and complete my first metric century of the year. This was–by 12 miles–my longest ride since September of 2015 and it felt good. At mile 30 or so the rains came down and the floods threatened to come up but all was well. I misjudged the distance home so I got to my neighborhood with only 60 miles under my belt so I cruised around side streets in a torrential downpour to equal a solid 100 kilometers.


  • Once you’re soaked, a little longer in the rain can’t do much damage.
  • A solid casquette does a lot to keep rain out of your eyes. I’m not shy about my love for cycling caps. Still, I’m overjoyed when they’re as useful as they are sartorially delightful.
  • A bike fit is in order. While my legs are fine, my neck and shoulders are a piece of work. I’ve never been fitted before so I’ll have to take the plunge eventually.
  • Relive.cc is remarkable. It’s a simple thing, but visualizing my rides like a stage of a pro race makes it all somehow grander.
  • I’m grateful for Strava Beacon so my wife could track my progress and ease her mind–especially since I was gone much longer than initially planned.
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