Ah! A fresh new year.

2016 was sub-optimal for many reasons. Here, I’m going to focus on cycling. I participated in only one formal event (Tour de Rock 50) and fell well short of my annual mileage goal. Still, it wasn’t all bad: I discovered TrainerRoad which makes indoor training not awful, found a few great cycling podcasts, and shared some fantastic rides with friends. This year taught me that the cycling scene in Little Rock is much richer than I had imagined that is only getting better.

2017, however, is starting out with a plan for me and the bike(s). I want to lay out my “race calendar” (I use quotation marks because the vast majority of these events are not races) and train according to that. Along with that, I’ve set a number of specific cycling goals for the year that will work to increase my fitness and make me spend more time on the bike.

Specific Cycling Goals:

Log 5000 km (3107 miles)

Raise my FTP to 3.1 watts/kg (currently 2.3 w/kg)

Complete a 100 km+ ride every month

Finish a full TrainerRoad indoor plan (Sweet Spot Base, General Build, Rolling Road Race)

Complete a road, crit, and cyclocross race. (CX may prove the most difficult because I currently do not own a bike that could complete such a race.)

My plan is to at least monthly write a progress update here. I have a well documented history of failing writing goals, but it’s a new year and a fresh chance to start again.