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It feels appropriate that as I return to the classroom in my capacity as an instructor, I should also embark on a new educational endeavor as a student. I am setting the spring 2013 semester as my MOOCmester.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock (or you simply don’t read the CHE as frequently as I), MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and the concept has been largely talked to death over the past few months.

While I am wary of the next-big-thing in education, I think I’d better give it a shot, so I’m jumping in with both feet. (And going crazy with cliché.)

Over the next four months, I will attempt to complete four courses through Coursera and two through edX. If you care to join me, here’s the list of the courses  I will attempt and links where you can sign up too.

As you can probably tell, many of these courses overlap and some are more for fun than professional advancement. For me, all the repetition w/r/t computer programming is helpful and fun is fun. Additionally, I want to be able to compare the different services and see which better fit me as a student.

I plan to provide updates as the courses progress covering my progress in the courses, the structure of the different MOOCs, and thoughts on massive online education.

Wish me luck.

Image by Flickr user heloukee used under Creative Commons licensing. 

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