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Summer Writing

On June 29th, Academic Ronin announced that July would be Summer Academic Writing Month. Throughout July, folks from across the globe will be keeping track of each other’s writing progress with the goal of getting things finished and out the door. I think it’s a marvelous tool because I certainly need additional motivating factors to get writing done–especially in the summer.

For my part, I have the goal of writing a book review and a chapter proposal abstract.

I have been asked to review The Southern Political Tradition by Michael Perman for the journal Southern Studies. I have a feeling that this review will be particularly difficult because it deals with political science and history and I am not trained in either field. However, like the historic Japanese r┼Źnin, I enjoy the freedom to follow academic whims from time to time.

While working on the book review I am also putting together an abstract for a potential chapter in a book about David Foster Wallace. Here’s the call for proposals. I plan to explore Wallace’s place among his contemporary authors and his influence on more recent authors.

I had a mostly lazy June but here’s hoping that I am able to buckle down a bit in July. Feel free to follow Academic Ronin’s blog to see our progress throughout the month.

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