UCA Football Field at Sunset

Much has changed since my last post from last June. In these seven months I have begun a new job, moved (not far), learned much, and read too much to fairly report here.

In August I began teaching in the writing department at the University of Central Arkansas. The biggest shift from previous teaching appointments is that UCA has wholly separate writing and English departments. We’re even in separate colleges. While there is significant sharing between the English and writing departments, my colleagues and I are focused only on rhet/comp so the distance from literary studies has necessitated some adjustment. I have been fortunate to have many kind and helpful colleagues show me the way and help me adjust to the world of rhet/comp and life at UCA. Much of my reading and studying has been focused on reorienting my pedagogy away from literature to rhetoric and composition.

Beyond my department colleagues, THATCamp, twitter, and other forums have put me in contact with rhet/comp folks from across the country who are more than willing to lend a hand. Lastly, I would be ashamed if I were to neglect listing #FYCChat as a wonderful resource. Every Wednesday evening, first-year comp instructors meet on twitter to discuss the ins and outs of the gig. There you will find a wildly helpful community of experts and novices alike who never look down on a simple question and are almost too willing to help.

Along with the new job, we moved to a different location in Little Rock in December. Things are shaping up nicely around here.

Now that I’m more settled into my teaching, I must write here more. I have notes for several posts floating around, now to write them.

What have you been up to?

Image by Flickr user ucentralarkansas used under Creative Commons License