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MAP/ACA Conference

Just last weekend I had the good fortune to attend the Mid-Atlantic Pop/American Culture Association Conference in Boston, MA. Besides finally getting visit the lovely city of Boston, I was able to spend some time with Sam and Brooklynne who were incredibly kind and allowed me to crash on their couch and they also showed me around town.  The weather, save for Friday, was excellent and I felt fully welcomed by Boston.

The conference was a very good experience.  My presentation went well and those few who dragged themselves out of bed for the 8.30 am session seemed interested enough in the ins and outs of nerdcore hip hop.  During the question section, I was given some great ideas for ways to augment my research and perhaps expand it to a study of nerd culture on the whole, using nerdcore as a gateway.  For a first conference paper, I think it went pretty well.

As far as the conference as a whole is concerned, I had a pretty dandy time. I was able to hear several dozen papers from scholars who hail from all across the country and a few international speakers.  With few exceptions, the presenters were excellent and I was pleased to learn about many subjects that I haven’t yet gotten to study.  Since it is an interdisciplinary conference, the scholars come from many different humanities-oriented departments so it affords a much greater collective body of knowledge than a strict English conference.  Indeed, my favorite two sessions were categorized under Fashion and Art, respectively.  Within the next week or so, I plan to post about an artist discussed in the final panel I was able to attend.

Overall, it was an excellent weekend. I got to meet many interesting people and encounter unique ideas and perspectives.  Thanks, MAP/ACA.

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